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If you are suffering from tooth loss, you may be overwhelmed at the idea of living out your years with dentures. You probably have a ton of questions, like how much do they cost? How do I take care of them? Will I ever get used to them? Can I ever eat corn-on-the-cob again?

At Potomac Dental Clinic, we can answer all your questions and help you decide which type of denture will work best for you. We have all the information you need to make an informed decision, and the skill and experience to provide you with peace of mind about your dental health.



Understanding Common Denture Terms

If you are among the 35 million Americans with no teeth or the 178 million who are missing at least one, there are some key terms and ideas you will become very familiar with. Understanding the process will help reduce anxiety and feel confident about your options.

Frequently-Used Words About Dentures

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  • Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that includes the diagnosis, treatment, maintenance, and restoration of oral health. It involves using custom fabricated medical devices to replace teeth and soft or hard structures of the palate and jaw.
  • Edentulous means lacking teeth and can refer to partial or total tooth loss. The condition is biochemically complex because missing teeth can impact the jaw and gum tissue resulting in significant damage to your overall health.
  • Denture Stomatitis is inflammation that can occur if dentures are not kept clean or if you wear them overnight. Although you may not have any symptoms, it is most often identified by redness in the mouth and accompanied by discomfort or soreness.
  • Mastication is the act of chewing and is critically important for healthy digestion and bone stimulation. A healthy set of teeth creates bite pressure that passes through the roots of your teeth and stimulates the growth of healthy gum tissue and bone.
  • Relining & Rebasing refers to the reshaping of your dentures, so they fit better against your gums. Relining adjusts the underside of the denture and rebasing replaces the pink acrylic denture base material.
  • Thrush is a common fungal infection with a white, bumpy texture caused by improper cleaning and care of dentures.
  • Gingivitis & Periodontitis is inflammation of the gum tissue that can lead to damage of the bone around your teeth. Gingivitis is the milder form and can develop into periodontitis if left untreated.
  • Occlusion describes the contact between teeth and how the upper and lower teeth align. It’s also referred to as your bite.
  • Dental Adhesive is a paste used to hold dentures in place and help with stability and bite strength.

Types of Dentures

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Complete Dentures

These removable prosthetic devices replace a full lower or upper arch of teeth. Custom-made with synthetic gum tissue and ceramic crowns, these prosthetics rest on the gums and are held in place with a dental adhesive. Dentures should be removed every night for cleaning and left in a soaking solution to remove bacteria and prevent them from drying out and losing their shape.

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when you are missing some, but not all of your natural teeth. They are custom-designed to fill one or more gaps to create the appearance of a full, natural smile. The artificial teeth are attached to an acrylic base, and a clasp or a metal framework attaches them to neighboring teeth to hold them in place. Removing overnight and soaking is also required.

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Implant-Supported Dentures

An implant-supported denture uses surgically-placed implant posts as anchors for a full-arch prosthetic. Implants are connected to the custom denture to provide a sturdy framework and full bite force. The implants integrate with your gum tissue and jawbone to provide stimulation that helps maintain a youthful facial structure. Implant-supported dentures are a good choice for the lower jaw, where stability and resilience are paramount concerns. These are a great solution for patients who are fully edentulous and meet the bone health requirements for implant placement and integration.

Denture Procedure Steps

  1. A complete evaluation and health history are important elements to understand before beginning your denture treatment. We will also take full digital images and perform any base treatments such as extractions or deep cleaning.
  2. Wax rims are placed in your mouth to determine proper bite and placement of your dentures, along with deciding the correct shape, shade, and size of the teeth.
  3. Seven to fourteen days later, a “try-in” set of teeth made in wax will be used to make sure you are happy with the fit, look, color, and feel of the dentures. We will make any adjustments needed, and then the mockup is sent back to the lab for the fabrication of your final dentures.
  4. Your final fitting is done with the complete prosthetic and small adjustments made to ensure they meet our high standards. We will schedule your follow-up appointments so we can supervise the fit and function of your new dentures.

A Few Words About “Permanent” Dentures in Rockville

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Implant-supported dentures, also called overdentures or permanent dentures, are similar to traditional dentures except they are attached with dental implants for better function. Implant-supported dentures feel more natural and provide important stimulation to the gums and jawbone, helping to slow or even stop the progression of bone loss.

Permanent dentures can improve your overall health, making it easier to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. The implants can last for over twenty-five years, allowing you to replace only the denture appliance, simplifying the process and lowering costs. The dentures can only be removed by our dentist, so there is less chance of dropping or breaking them.

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