Crowns (Caps)

High-Quality Metal-Free Porcelain Crowns in Rockville, MD

Crowns or caps are used to protect a repaired tooth and improve appearance. They are custom-crafted to cover the whole upper tooth down to the gum line, and expertly shaped and sized to blend in naturally with your smile. At Potomac Dental Clinic, we value quality materials and personalized service for all-porcelain crown restorations.

If you need a dental implant, a root canal, or already have a crown that is coming loose, we can help. Explore your porcelain crown treatment options with our skilled team so you can make the best-informed decision about your oral health. Call us today!


How are Crowns Used?

Crowns are often used for many cosmetic and restorative treatments.

  • Crowning a tooth that has had a root canal is necessary because the procedure leaves a large hole in the tooth's surface. The repaired tooth needs the support a crown provides, and the crown also protects against reinfection.
  • If a tooth has a large area of decay removed, a filling will not supply enough material to restore the structure. Covering the tooth with a crown ensures the root is sealed off from damaging plaque or infection.

Advanced Technology for Superior Crowns

patient looking at dental-xray

At Potomac Dental Clinic, we use digital radiography that provides multiple benefits to our team and you. This technology reduces the exposure of radiation from harmful chemicals by up to 80%, which is not only safer for you, but also better for our environment. Because everything is digital, there is less space and paper wasted on storing records, and no waiting for images to be processed.

The images can also be enhanced, giving us more information for a more precise diagnosis. Even small changes can be detected and treated early. The biggest advantage of digital radiography is the time saved. Pictures can be ready to view in seconds so we can provide accurate treatment quickly, and you can get back to your normal routine.

What Materials are Crowns Made From?

Porcelain is the preferred type of material for crowns, but metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal are also common. All our crowns are made from high-quality porcelain and custom-crafted to match your smile perfectly. If you need a crown, there is some interesting information about the different materials and why they are used.

Porcelain crown


Porcelain crowns are made from dental-grade ceramic that is engineered to be strong and tough. However, while most porcelain crowns share certain characteristics, they can vary considerably in terms of strength and appearance. Some crowns are designed to replace molars that bear the most chewing force, and others are designed for the aesthetic needs of teeth that show when you smile. Crowns for molars are made from heavy-duty porcelain that is formulated for strength and durability. Aesthetic crowns are made from lighter porcelain that has a more translucent, natural look.

Gold alloy crown


Gold is a highly durable and long-lasting metal. This makes it ideal for crowns, but also highly visible due to its bright color. However, like the kings of old who wanted to show their high status, today’s celebrities often choose to have a crown made of gold for a unique and flashy smile.

Porcelain fused to metal crown

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain fused to a metal frame combines strength and durability but can have some undesirable results. If your gums recede, the dark metal will show, which most people don’t like. Additionally, some people are highly sensitive to metal, and it can cause them other problems related to toxicity.

The Basic Steps of a Dental Crown Procedure

If your tooth is cracked or broken, then the enamel no longer protects the dentin, which is the soft tissue containing sensitive nerves and blood vessels. Chewing or drinking hot or cold beverages can be very painful, and it can get serious enough to be considered a dental emergency. Preparing your tooth and placing the permanent crown can usually be done in two steps:

  1. The area is numbed with a local anesthetic, and enough material is removed to stop further cracking or breaking and to make room for a temporary crown. Then we will take an impression of the tooth that will be sent to our trusted lab to fabricate your custom crown. A temporary crown is placed and adjusted for comfort.
  2. When your custom crown is ready, we will remove the temporary and ensure the tooth is clean. We test the fit and feel of the crown and make any needed changes, then permanently cement it in place.

How Much Do Porcelain Crowns Cost?

asian woman smiling

Natural teeth are not uniform in color and have very subtle shade and transparency variations. Porcelain crowns are artistically created by technicians who apply up to 15 different colors of liquid porcelain with a small brush. This level of skill will naturally be more expensive than a crown that is milled by a machine.

Generally, a crown will cost between $800 to $1500, depending on which material you choose and how much your insurance will cover. Dr. Sajjadi will explain all of your dental crown options and help you make a choice you are completely satisfied with both look and price.

Top Quality Crowns in Rockville, MD

At Potomac Dental Clinic, we firmly believe that explaining your oral health status, the procedure, and every step in your treatment is essential for your satisfaction and well-being. Our team has transformed many smiles over the last decade, and we can help you get the picture-perfect smile you’ve always wanted. If you live in Rockville, Washington, or the DC metro area, call us today for a comprehensive evaluation and dental crown treatment plan.


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