Parvaneh Sajjadi, DDS

Potomac Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality, comfortable, and friendly service to ensure healthy teeth and fostering beautiful, genuine smiles.  Dr. Sajjadi has brought life-changing smiles back to her patients across the country.  She successfully treats bruxism (the involuntary or habitual grinding of the teeth), diastema (gap between teeth), missing teeth, teeth discoloration and many other conditions.  The restoration performed on these patients have ranged from a few teeth up to a full mouth reconstruction.  Every patient is given a comprehensive diagnosis which is followed by a detailed explanation of the existing oral health status, procedure(s) to be performed, and every treatment step moving forward.  Dr. Sajjadi firmly believes that these steps are absolutely essential for your successful treatment and complete patient satisfaction.  Potomac Dental Clinic offers you a new dental experience that ensures the highest level of patient satisfaction. 
Dr. Sajjadi did her General Practice Residency at Columbia University, Harlem Hospital and is widely regarded for her warm, personalized care. 
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